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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Couples and Homebuying

One of the many skills you need in real estate (and that they don't teach in licensing class) is working with couples in buying a home. I have successfully worked with so many Tucson home buying couples over the years, that I am tempted to add "couples therapist" to my resume.

And a recent survey released by LendingHome supports the notion that couples often approach their new home wishes and dreams from different directions, but ultimately come together and are satisfied with their new homes.

So what does the survey show?
  • 14% of couples together five years or more disagreed frequently during the process
  • 30% of couples together four years or less disagreed frequently 
  • 49% disagreed on the level of debt to take on with the new home
  • 46% disagreed on the style of the new home

The good news? 60% of couples said their disagreements did not matter in the end, and 50% of couples said they felt more committed to each other after they were in their new home.

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