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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Advice to Tucson Home Buyers: Keep your offer simple

Now that the Tucson homes market has picked up a bit, it is not unusual for homes to sell quickly, often with multiple offers for homes in certain price ranges.  So what can buyers do to make their offers stand out in the crowd?  My strongest recommendation is to keep it simple and realistic.

Sellers are looking at three things in the current Tucson homes market: Is it a good price?  Is it a fairly quick closing date?  Is the Buyer pre-qualified with a lender, preferably a local one.

In the past few years of the down market, it was common for Buyers to ask for lots of extras (such as the sellers paying the buyer's closing costs, lengthy closing periods because the Buyer's lease is not up until much later, etc.)  And these requests were often on top of a low-ball offer.   

But now that we are in a more balanced market, and one that in some price ranges even favors the Sellers, I suggest that Buyers go in with a strong, clean offer to start.  Make a realistically priced offer (or at least in the realm of reality) based on comparable sales, have a strong Pre-qualification from your lender, and don't load your offer up with distracting requests.

So while you don't want to neglect what is truly important for you in the offer, do make an effort to keep it simple and straightforward.  Remember, in this market you may well not be the only offer sitting in front of the Sellers.

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