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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Buyers! Use a Local Tucson Lender

We all see the ads for out of state lenders offering great rates and low fees, and I am sure many of them deliver on those promises.  But I always encourage my clients to use a local Tucson lender when possible.

Local lenders with local underwriters...and there are many good ones...know Tucson, our neighborhoods, our real estate documents, and our real estate laws and customs.

And they are available! When writing that offer on a Sunday afternoon, are we going to be able to get in touch with your out of state lender for the required pre-qualification form we need to submit with your offer?

With a local lender, you can actually sit down across the table with them, let them explain their process, hand them your documents and actually talk with them on weekends when it is most likely you will need them.

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