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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bees are Buzzing in Tucson

Don't Try This at Home!
Stepping out onto my West Side Tucson patio yesterday, I was greeted by a large number of bees buzzing around. At first I thought they were just enjoying the palo verde blooms but I soon realized there were way too many of them for just that. Given that there was probably a bee swarm nearby, I stepped back inside and soon they had gone on their bzzzzzy way. 

But often those migrating swarms will set up their new home around your a hollow tree, an open roof space or a rarely used storage area. If you suspect this has happened, my advice is to call in a bee removal specialist. Do not disturb them, allow your kids or pets to approach them, or try to remove them yourself.

I had a client last year who was buying a Tucson house and we noticed large numbers of bees entering a space under a separate storage building. We stayed clear, and wrote into the Buyers Inspection Notice that my client wanted the bees removed by a professional bee removal service prior to closing on the house. The Seller agreed and the bees were gone when I handed my client her keys.

But be aware!  And check out this bee story from KVOA. 

KVOA News: Bees a buzzing in Tucson

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