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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fannie Mae Looking to Expand Loan Availability: 3% Down is Back for First Time Buyers

My good friend Barb Smith at Sunstreet Mortgage sent me a quick update on the new Fannie Mae loan program, designed to open the homes market to more first time home buyers.  Here is what Barb has to say:

"Last week Fannie Mae introduced a 97% LTV home loan. Effective immediately, your first time home buyers with a mimimum 3% down payment, can avoid the funding fee and very expensive monthly mortgage insurance of the 3% FHA mortgage and go conventional. Yes, there is monthly mortgage insurance for this conventional mortgage, but its considerably less than FHA's.  And, Fannie Mae considers a "first time home buyer" anyone who has not owned a home for 36 months."

Yes, low down payment loans are coming back.  There are still some strict criteria to meet including a credit score of 620 and documentation of income, assets and job status.  But this is still a great opportunity for many first time buyers. So give Barb a call for details. Then let's get to work to find that special Tucson home for you.

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