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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Advice to Buyers: Meet the Neighbors BEFORE You Buy the House

I always advise my Tucson home Buyers to get thorough inspections of the homes they are buying. Roof and termite, and a general home inspection of course. And should the home inspector recommend a closer look by an electrician, plumber or structural engineer, we call in those as well.

But who are some of the most important people the Buyers should be talking to? The neighbors! Other than the Sellers of the home, who is more likely to know about the neighborhood and the house itself than the neighbors? And in my experience, the neighbors love to tell stories about the neighborhood and quite often the condition and history of the house being sold.

Information provided by neighbors can be particularly important where the Buyer is purchasing a foreclosed home. With foreclosed homes, the past owner is usually long gone and the current owner (his lender) is way off in New Jersey or somewhere and of course disclaims any knowledge of the history or condition of the property. 

So don't be shy during your Tucson home purchase inspection period. Go meet the neighbors now. They will also be a great source of information on neighborhood activities, shopping etc.

Meet the Neighbors

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