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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Seller Asks: When is the Best Time in Tucson to Put my Home on the Market?

And my answer is...anytime.  Remember, all you need is that one ready and willing buyer for your Tucson home.  And they could be out there looking on Christmas or the 4th of July, for all we know

Back east, it did seem more traditional to sell in the summer...the yard looks green and fresh, many people want to get the kiddies settled into a new house before school starts. And indeed in Tucson, the summer months of May and June are the busiest months for closings. The third busiest?  March. Winter visitors who decide they want their own Tucson home, perhaps?

Keep in mind that for a house to close in a particular month, it probably went under contract a month before and was likely on the market a month or two before that. So all of those March Tucson closings I just mentioned? They probably went under contract in February or even January and were likely on the market as early as November or December.

So toss that calendar out, don't try to time the Tucson house market. Focus on getting your house all pretty, clean, in good condition and ready for the market. Your buyer may out there!

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