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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where's Henry? Why You Won't See My Dogs in My Marketing

Actual Tucson goat from a recent sale
This article was a little too funny not to include on my blog.  We have all seen those Tucson real estate ads with the agent and their dogs or cats. Very cute and fun.  But do we really need to see the agent's poodle on their business card? 

I love my dogs (and kitty too) but haven't yet figured out how I can get them to enhance my real estate business. But I have frequently used photos (where appropriate) of clients' dogs, horses and even goats when they can add humor to the listing information or even help demonstrate the pet friendliness of the Tucson property. And in some cases, the clients dog just insists on following me around the house to get in the listing photos.   But stay Henry or Blanca or even the cat could be making a future appearance. 

How Much Is That Doggy Worth in Your Marketing?

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