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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Selling that Smoke Scented House

Whooey!  One of the first things a potential buyer will comment on when walking into a listing is odor...whether it is from the garlic fish dinner the sellers enjoyed the night before, the frequent kitty "incidents" on the carpet, or the most enduring odor...cigarette smoke. 

But where the fish dinner scent will eventually go away, and even the kitty accidents can be scrubbed out, the smell of cigarette smoke can be enduring.  Years of cigarette smoke tend to be absorbed into the carpet, drapes, paint and especially in those delightful popcorn ceilings so popular in the 1970's and early '80s.  And that scent does NOT want to come out.  Replacing carpet and repainting the interior of the house helps, but good luck with that popcorn ceiling.  

And no, I am not judging those who smoke.  I come from a long line of tobacco farmers (and many smokers), so who am I to judge?.  But if there are smokers in the house, just be prepared to make an honest assessment of what needs to be done when it is time to put your Tucson home on the market.  And if you own rental property, by all means do your best to have non-smoking tenants.

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