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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tucson Desert Gardens - Frost Protection

Marylee Pangman had a good article in today's Tucson Weekly about plants at our Tucson homes and our freezing nights.  She has some good advice and notes that a lot of the potential for freeze damage depends on what part of town we are in.  I once read where areas with a lot of ironwood trees and jojoba tends to be a warmer micro-climate than other areas of Tucson.  I have both but still need to cover the frost sensitive plants on nights like this.
Keep it old sheet covers our potted tomatoes

A neighbor who is new to Tucson called the other night to ask about covering her native cactus, and I told her that the true native Sonoran desert cacti should be just fine.  

But if you have non-native frost sensitive plants, you may want to grab some old sheets and get out there tonight and cover them up. 

Click the link for Marylee's article:
Desert Gardens for Small Spaces - Frost Protection

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