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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Support our Tucson Eateries: La Fuente

La Fuente Restaurant on North Oracle has always had a special place in my heart as the site of my first taste of Mexican food. It was also my first visit to Tucson (my cousins invited me out when I was 14) and I marveled at the new taste sensations, the heat and of course the mariachi music.  And all these years later, I still love their mole, cheese crisps, the lunch buffet and of course, the mariachis.

The current economy has not been kind to many of our long-time local eateries, so I would encourage you to revisit some of your old favorites, and rekindle those memories of your first visits to our wonderful Tucson.   Click for more info on La Fuenta

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun Things in Tucson: The Rogue Theatre Presents Shipwrecked!

What fun it is to watch the joyful faces of the audience members each night during Shipwrecked! Whether it's diving for pearls in the Coral Sea, singing sea shanties with a trusted canine companion or living with Aborigines (and more), Donald Margulies has given us the perfect playground to celebrate the life of one of the most colorful men of Victorian England and the adventurer that lives inside all of us. 

And there are only four performances left (really, only three because Thursday is already sold out)! Get 'em while they're hot!  Join the Rogue for the final performances of this show.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Tucson MLS Sales Stats: Watching for Trends

I don't see any dramatic changes in the December Tucson MLS sales statistics, but there are some interesting trends and some that may developing.  The median sale price of $120,000 was down $2000 from November, but taken with the previous two months show a bit of stability.  The average sale price was up just a bit (1.92%) from November, which was the third straight monthly increase in the average sale price. Are we bouncing around a price bottom?  Stay tuned...

A definite trend is the continuing decline for the eleventh month in a row in the number of homes actively listed for sale.  This despite the fact that total unit sales were down 5.32%  in December from the previous month.  Is this because potential sellers are holding properties off the market in anticipation of a market change, or are the banks holding off on putting their foreclosed properties on the market? 

To see the full December Tucson homes MLS report, click on this link to the Tucson MLS November report.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving With Fido - Realty Times

Zeke, Dog of the Desert
I have only had to move once with a dog, and it was a short move (my escape from Phoenix to Tucson many years ago) and an easy one to my new Tucson house.  My hound dog Zeke just sat in the front seat next to me during the drive down I-10, no doubt contemplating his new life poolside in Tucson.

Pet have their routines and a major move can be very stressful. But with planning and consideration for their needs, the move can go well.  Talk to your vet as well about getting copies of health records, and while you are at it have your pet micro chipped in case they inadvertently wander during your move.  Realty Times has a great article on moving with your pets.  Read more by clicking the link:   Realty Times - Moving With Fido

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enjoy Your Woodburning Fireplace, But Keep It Safe

Even in our desert Tucson homes, we love our wood-burning fires on our cold (relatively speaking) winter nights.  We might have the windows cracked open, but many of us still like that warm and cozy feeling that a fireplace offers on our cooler nights.

But how often do we think of getting those fireplaces and chimneys inspected and cleaned?  We don't use them often but in Tucson we do tend to use them for years without giving a thought to potential buildups of creosote and soot inside the chimney.  Those deposits occur over time and can produce a chimney fire if not cleaned.

So whether you use your fireplace on a regular basis or even just occasionally, it is a good idea to get it checked and cleaned on a regular basis.  The Southern Arizona Better Business Bureau lists several local chimney sweeps (yep, they still call them that) that you can check out:    Tucson Better Business Bureau