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Monday, October 24, 2011

Best day to list real estate for sale: Friday | Inman News

Does it make a difference which day of the week your Tucson house hits the market?  The article linked below reports that homes in 16 selected US markets listed on Fridays are more likely to sell within 90 days, and for an ever-so-slightly higher price. 

That does make some sense in that many agents, just like Tucson real estate agents are doing their online MLS searches just before the weekend.  And in our Tucson homes MLS, fresh listings receive a bright green "New Listing" indication online, gathering even more attention.  

But in my humble opinion, particularly in a slower market such as Tucson, the two most important factors for a faster sale are a realistic asking price reflecting recent comparable sales in the area, and the condition of the house. But click, read the article for yourself, and let me know what YOU think.

Best day to list real estate for sale: Friday | Inman News

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tucson Meet Yourself is this Weekend!

I love the music and art, but for me this weekend’s Tucson Meet Yourself is all about the food.  As I graze through the dozens of food booths sampling cuisine from all over the world, I am always watching for my last stop…the “sweet potato pie ladies.”  I never remember what organization they represent, but there they always are with those sweet rich pies.  

So go this weekend and celebrate the diverse folk and ethnic communities that make Tucson such a great place to live.  And do keep an eye out for the ladies with the pies.  

Tucson Meet Yourself is this Friday through Sunday (Oct 14-16) downtown.  Check out their website for more information and a handy map of all the festivities:  Tucson Meet Yourself

Thursday, October 13, 2011

September Tucson Home Sales Statistics Released

The September Tucson MLS sales stats are out and if you are a seller it is not terrific news.  The median sale price was $117,500 which is down 3.85% from August and down 19.44% from September 2010.  This is the lowest monthly median sale price since early 2001.

Now for you potential that same statistic and think.  Will we look back someday and recognize this as a real opportunity for buyers?

Click the link for the full September report, including the number of listings and solds in your zip code.

And if you want to know more about what's going on in your own neighborhood, just drop me an email and I will check it out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Plant Sale at Desert Survivors Native Plant Nursery

Desert Survivors Native Plant Nursery has over 400 species of bio-regional plants and trees for our Sonoran desert climate and a knowledgeable staff as well.  Their Fall Plant Sale is this weekend, Saturday, October 8 and Sunday the 9th.  And they are a non-profit whose sales support programs for children and adults with disabilities.

If you have been putting off landscaping for your Tucson house, this is a good weekend and great opportunity to get started and help a worthy Tucson organization.  Desert Survivors is located at 1020 W Starr Pass Boulevard, just West of I-10.

Click for more information:  Desert Survivors Native Plant Nursery

Santa Cruz Farmers Market Changes Hours

The Santa Cruz Farmers Market, located in the Mercado on Congress St just West of I-10, is moving to winter hours today. 

For the next few months, the market will be open from 3pm to 6pm each Thursday. 

Click the link for details on what will be available today.  This is one of the best farmers markets around and your Tucson home for good fresh fruits and vegetables.  See you there!
Santa Cruz Farmers Market

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pima County Property Taxes: Watch Your Mail

You and 450,999 other property owners should have received your Pima County property tax bill by now and probably are still trying to make heads or tails of it.  While the full cash value as determined by the assessor on most homes in Tucson declined, the amount of taxes owed actually depends on where you are in Pima County.

As County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry points out in his 2011 property tax letter (click to see the full Letter from County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry  ), Pima County is responsible for only four of the 95 possible tax levies that may show up on your tax bill. 

So how do they figure the assessed value of your Tucson home?  Well, it is a lengthy process involving the features of your particular property, recent sales in the area and more.  For a full explanation click the following link to the Pima County Assessor's own detailed explanation:

And finally, if you are not happy with the valuation put on your property you might want to check out the following link that describes the assessor's appeals process.  Just keep in mind that your appeal must be filed no later than 60 days after the mail date on your"Notice of Valuation" or the deadline date indicated on the notice itself.              Pima County Assessor: How to Appeal                    

For more information, call the county's taxpayer assistance hotline at 740-8650.